2010-02-16 Alexey Dobriyantunnels: fix netns vs proto registration ordering
2010-02-16 Alexey Dobriyangre: fix netns vs proto registration ordering
2010-02-16 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-02-16 Eric Dumazetethtool: reduce stack usage
2010-02-16 John Linnnet: emaclite: adding MDIO and phy lib support
2010-02-16 andrew hendryX25: Dont let x25_bind use addresses containing characters
2010-02-16 andrew hendryX25: Fix x25_create errors for bad protocol and ENOBUFS
2010-02-16 Sathya Perlabe2net: implement EEH pci error recovery handlers
2010-02-16 jamalxfrm: Flushing empty SPD generates false events
2010-02-16 jamalxfrm: Flushing empty SAD generates false events
2010-02-16 Shan WeiIPv6: Delete redundant counter of IPSTATS_MIB_REASMFAILS
2010-02-16 Arnd Bergmannnet/macvtap: fix reference counting
2010-02-16 Divy Le Raycxgb3: fix link flap
2010-02-16 Divy Le Raycxgb3: FIx VLAN over Jumbo frames
2010-02-16 Peter Waskiewiczixgbe: Cleanup incorrect header comments
2010-02-16 Peter Waskiewiczethtool: Move n-tuple capability check into set_flags
2010-02-16 Peter Waskiewiczethtool: Fix filter addition when caching n-tuple filters
2010-02-15 Florian Westphalnetfilter: CONFIG_COMPAT: allow delta to exceed 32767
2010-02-15 Florian Westphalnetfilter: ebtables: avoid explicit XT_ALIGN() in match...
2010-02-15 Florian Westphalnetfilter: ebtables: abort if next_offset is too small
2010-02-15 Patrick McHardynetfilter: ctnetlink: add zone support
2010-02-15 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_conntrack: add support for "conntrack...
2010-02-15 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_conntrack: pass template to l4proto ...
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: xtables: add const qualifiers
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: xtables: constify args in compat copying...
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: xtables: print details on size mismatch
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: get rid of the grossness in netfilter.h
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: reduce NF_HOOK by one argument
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: iptables: remove unused function arguments
2010-02-15 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: xt_recent: inform user when hitcount is...
2010-02-15 David S. Millerniu: Refinements to kernel logging.
2010-02-15 David S. Millermac80211: Fix error introduced in netdev_mc_count(...
2010-02-15 Michael S.... vhost-net: switch to smp barriers
2010-02-15 Joe Perchesniu: Use pr_<level>, netdev_<level> and netif_<level...
2010-02-15 David S. Millerethtool: Fix includes build break
2010-02-15 Ben Hutchingsnet: Fix first line of kernel-doc for a few functions
2010-02-15 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-02-15 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of ssh:///linux/kernel/git/linvil...
2010-02-14 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of ssh:///linux/kernel/git/linvil...
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Update driver version to 3.107
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix AC131 loopback test errors for 5785
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix napi assignments in loopback test
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Reset phy during bringup when using phylib
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Turn off multiple DMA reads for 5717
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Fix 57765 A0 bootcode race condition
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Unwedge stuck MSI-X vectors
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Prevent rx producer ring overruns
2010-02-13 Matt Carlsontg3: Give MSI-X vec 1 rx backlog space
2010-02-13 Williams, Mitch Aigb: support for VF configuration tools
2010-02-13 Williams, Mitch Artnetlink: Add VF config code to rtnetlink
2010-02-13 Williams, Mitch Anet: Add netdev ops for SR-IOV configuration
2010-02-13 Williams, Mitch Aif_link: Add SR-IOV configuration methods
2010-02-13 Williams, Mitch Apci: Add SR-IOV convenience functions and macros
2010-02-13 Gerrit Renkerudp: remove redundant variable
2010-02-13 Gerrit Renkerdccp: support for passing MSG_TRUNC
2010-02-13 stephen hemmingersky2: version 1.27
2010-02-13 Mike McCormacksky2: Avoid down and up during sky2_reset
2010-02-13 Mike McCormacksky2: Refactor sky2_down into two functions
2010-02-13 Mike McCormacksky2: Refactor sky2_up into two functions
2010-02-13 Mike McCormacksky2: Allocate initial skbs in sky2_alloc_buffers
2010-02-13 Mike McCormacksky2: Factor out code to calculate packet sizes
2010-02-13 stephen hemmingersky2: jumbo packet changes
2010-02-13 stephen hemmingersky2: dont enable PME legacy mode
2010-02-13 stephen hemmingersky2: WoL changes
2010-02-13 stephen hemmingersky2: fix sparse warning
2010-02-12 jamalxfrm: use proper kernel types
2010-02-12 jamalxfrm: validate attributes
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/skge.c: Use netif_printk macros
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/qlge: Use netif_printk helpers
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/jme: Use netif_printk helpers
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/r8196.c: Use netif_printk macros
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesinclude/linux/netdevice.h: Add netif_printk helpers
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/atl1e: Use netdev_printk helpers
2010-02-12 Joe Perchesnetdevice.h: Add netdev_printk helpers like dev_printk
2010-02-12 Steve Hodgsonsfc: Fix SFE4002 initialisation
2010-02-12 stephen hemmingerIPv6: remove trivial nested _bh suffix
2010-02-12 stephen hemmingerIPv6: keep permanent addresses on admin down
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: bug fix in be_read_eeprom
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: remove ASIC generation number from Kconfig
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: change the driver description
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: fix to limit max vlans supported in certain...
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: minor code optimizations
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: bug fix in be_change_mtu
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: bug fix for flashing the BladeEngine3 ASIC
2010-02-12 Ajit Khapardebe2net: remove unused pci device id
2010-02-12 Shirley Mavirtio_net: remove send queue
2010-02-12 Tristram Hanet: Makefile change for KSZ884X driver
2010-02-12 Tristram Hanet: Kconfig change for KSZ884X driver
2010-02-12 Tristram Hanet: Micrel KSZ8841/2 PCI Ethernet driver
2010-02-12 Uwe Kleine... net: move am79c961's probe function to .devinit.text
2010-02-12 Patrick McHardyipv6: fib: fix crash when changing large fib while...
2010-02-12 Juuso Oikarinenmac80211: fix handling of null-rate control in rate_con...
2010-02-12 Gerrit Renkerdccp: allow probing of CCID-array length
2010-02-12 Herbert Xuinet: Remove bogus IGMPv3 report handling
2010-02-12 Jiri Pirkomacb: straighten out macb_mii_probe function
2010-02-12 Jiri Pirkonet: use netdev_mc_count and netdev_mc_empty when appro...
2010-02-12 Shanyu Zhaoiwlwifi: fix AMSDU Rx after paged Rx patch
2010-02-12 Felix Fietkauath9k: add a workaround for ack timeout issues
2010-02-12 Alexey Dobriyannetfilter: don't use INIT_RCU_HEAD()
2010-02-12 Alexey Dobriyannetfilter: nf_conntrack: elegantly simplify nf_ct_exp_net()