2010-02-10 Alexey Dobriyannetfilter: xtables: consistent struct compat_xt_counter...
2010-02-10 Patrick McHardyMerge branch 'master' of /repos/git/net-next-2.6
2010-02-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-02-09 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-02-09 Julia Lawalldrivers/net: Correct NULL test
2010-02-09 Joe PerchesMAINTAINERS: networking drivers - Add git net-next...
2010-02-09 Jan Luebbenet/sched: Fix module name in Kconfig
2010-02-09 Divy Le Raycxgb3: fix GRO checksum check
2010-02-08 Eric Dumazetdst: call cond_resched() in dst_gc_task()
2010-02-08 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_conntrack: fix hash resizing with namespaces
2010-02-08 Alexey Dobriyannetfilter: xtables: compat out of scope fix
2010-02-08 Alexey Dobriyannetfilter: nf_conntrack: restrict runtime expect hashsi...
2010-02-08 Eric Dumazetnetfilter: nf_conntrack: per netns nf_conntrack_cachep
2010-02-08 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_conntrack: fix memory corruption with...
2010-02-08 Florian Westphalnetfilter: fix build failure with CONNTRACK=y NAT=n
2010-02-06 David S. Millerpacket: Kill CONFIG_PACKET_MMAP.
2010-02-05 Michael PooleBluetooth: Keep a copy of each HID device's report...
2010-02-05 Jiri Pirkonet: e1000e: convert to use mc helpers
2010-02-05 Jiri Pirkonet: dm9601: convert to use mc helpers
2010-02-05 Jiri Pirkonet: 8139too: convert to use mc helpers
2010-02-05 Jiri Pirkonet: 8139cp: convert to use mc helpers
2010-02-05 David S. Millere1000e: Fix namespace conflicts wrt. e1000_has_link
2010-02-05 Herbert Xubridge: Remove unused age_list
2010-02-05 Sridhar Samudralapacket: Add GSO/csum offload support.
2010-02-04 Breno Leitaoqlge: Code clean up
2010-02-04 Breno Leitaoqlge: removing unreachable block of code
2010-02-04 Christoph Eggeripv4: obsolete config in kernel source (IP_ROUTE_PERVASIVE)
2010-02-04 Rafael J. Wysockipktgen: Fix freezing problem
2010-02-04 Brian Haleydoc: document IPv6 parameters
2010-02-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Add watchdog timer.
2010-02-04 Jiri Pirkolibphy: add phy_find_first function
2010-02-04 Jiri Pirkonet: use helpers to access mc list V2
2010-02-04 Alexander Duyckigb: make certain to reassign legacy interrupt vectors...
2010-02-04 Giuseppe Cavallarostmmac: fix 'lenght' typo in comments and code
2010-02-04 Thadeu Lima... can: ems_usb: removed duplicated code setting local...
2010-02-04 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of git://git./linux/kernel/git...
2010-02-04 Stephen Hemmingersky2: Flow control frames recorded as dropped packets
2010-02-04 stephen hemmingersky2: hand receive DMA mapping failures
2010-02-04 Alexey Dobriyannet: CONFIG_COMPAT redux
2010-02-04 Christian Pellegrincan: mcp251x: Move to threaded interrupts instead of...
2010-02-04 Ajit Khapardebonding: Remove net_device_stats from bonding struct
2010-02-04 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/davinci_emac.c: Fix continuation line formats
2010-02-04 Thadeu Lima... trivial: remove duplicated "from" in CAN USB EMS Kconfi...
2010-02-04 Arnd Bergmannnet: macvtap driver
2010-02-04 Arnd Bergmannmacvlan: allow multiple driver backends
2010-02-04 Arnd Bergmannnet: maintain namespace isolation between vlan and...
2010-02-04 Joe Perchesnet/rds: remove uses of NIPQUAD, use %pI4
2010-02-04 Roel KluinmISDN: positive error return should be negative in...
2010-02-04 Jiri Slabyisdn: mISDN, don't compile unused stuff
2010-02-04 Darren Jenkinshardware/mISDN/mISDNinfineon.c: bail out of loop on...
2010-02-04 Roel Kluinhisax: timeout off by one in waitrecmsg()
2010-02-04 Thadeu Lima... irda: add missing BKL in irnet_ppp ioctl
2010-02-04 Thadeu Lima... irda: unbalanced lock_kernel in irnet_ppp
2010-02-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Add check for eeh failure when closing device.
2010-02-04 Ron Mercerqlge: Move reset from eeh io_resume to slot_reset.
2010-02-04 PJ Waskiewiczixgbe: Make descriptor ring allocations NUMA-aware
2010-02-04 Jesse Brandeburgixgbe: Allocate driver resources per NUMA node
2010-02-04 Nick Nunleye1000: call pci_save_state after pci_restore_state
2010-02-04 Nick Nunleye1000: Report link status in ethtool when interface...
2010-02-04 John Fastabendixgbe: only process one ixgbe_watchdog_task at a time.
2010-02-04 David S. MillerMerge branch 'master' of /linux/kernel/git/davem/net-2.6
2010-02-04 Krishna Kumarixgbe: Fix return of invalid txq
2010-02-04 Anton Blanchardixgbe: Fix ixgbe_tx_map error path
2010-02-04 Amit Kumar... netxen: protect resource cleanup by rtnl lock
2010-02-04 Amit Kumar... netxen: fix tx timeout recovery for NX2031 chip
2010-02-04 Ben Hutchingssfc: Do not include unneeded headers
2010-02-04 Ben Hutchingssfc: Fix some incorrect or redundant comments
2010-02-04 Ben Hutchingssfc: Remove declarations of nonexistent functions
2010-02-04 Steve Hodgsonsfc: Add some missing bits to register self-test masks
2010-02-04 Guido Barzinisfc: Survive ISR0=0 bug in the shared IRQ case
2010-02-04 Ben Hutchingssfc: Implement NVRAM selftest for SFC9000 family
2010-02-04 Ben Hutchingssfc: Replace PHY MDIO test with an 'alive' test
2010-02-04 Steve Hodgsonsfc: Enable autonegotiated flow-control by default...
2010-02-04 Steve Hodgsonsfc: Handle firmware assertion failure while resetting
2010-02-04 Ben Hutchingssfc: Update MCDI protocol definitions
2010-02-04 Nick PellyBluetooth: Enter active mode before establishing a...
2010-02-04 Yoichi YuasaBluetooth: Fix memory leak in Marvell BT-over-SDIO...
2010-02-04 Gerrit Renkerdccp: fix auto-loading of dccp(_probe)
2010-02-04 Gerrit Renkerdccp: fix bug in cache allocation
2010-02-04 Joe Perchesdrivers/net/amd8111e.c: Fix continuation line formats
2010-02-04 Pavel Cheblakovcan: add support for CAN interface cards based on the...
2010-02-04 Divy Le Raycxgb3: add memory barriers
2010-02-04 stephen hemmingersky2: fix transmit DMA map leakage
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: resume _with_ working link, via...
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: change register define
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: Spelling corrections
2010-02-04 Andreas MohrMCS7830 USB-Ether: add Rx error support
2010-02-04 Alexey Dobriyannetlink: fix for too early rmmod
2010-02-04 Alexey Dobriyanaf_key: fix netns ops ordering on module load/unload
2010-02-04 Nick PellyBluetooth: Do not call rfcomm_session_put() for RFCOMM...
2010-02-03 Marcel HoltmannBluetooth: Fix sleeping function in RFCOMM within inval...
2010-02-03 Nick PellyBluetooth: Fallback eSCO to SCO on error 0x1a (Unsuppor...
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: xtables: add CT target
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_conntrack: support conntrack templates
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: ctnetlink: support selective event delivery
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: nf_conntrack: split up IPCT_STATUS event
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: add struct net * to target parameters
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: ctnetlink: only assign helpers for matching...
2010-02-03 Patrick McHardynetfilter: xt_hashlimit: fix race condition and simplif...
2010-02-02 Evgeniy Polyakovconnector: Delete buggy notification code.