nfsd: eliminate ENCODE_HEAD macro
[safe/jmp/linux-2.6] / fs / nfsd / nfs4xdr.c
2009-04-29 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: eliminate ENCODE_HEAD macro
2009-04-04 Benny Halevynfsd41: CREATE_EXCLUSIVE4_1
2009-04-04 Benny Halevynfsd41: SUPPATTR_EXCLCREAT attribute
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: support for 3-word long attribute bitmask
2009-04-04 Benny Halevynfsd41: pass writable attrs mask to nfsd4_decode_fattr
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: clientid handling
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: check encode size for sessions maxresponse...
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: stateid handling
2009-04-04 Benny Halevynfsd41: destroy_session operation
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: non-page DRC for solo sequence responses
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: create_session operation
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: nfsd DRC logic
2009-04-04 Benny Halevynfsd41: sequence operation
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: exchange_id operation
2009-04-04 Andy Adamsonnfsd41: xdr infrastructure
2009-03-18 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd4: support putpubfh operation
2009-03-18 Benny HalevyNFSD: return nfsv4 error code nfserr_notsupp rather...
2009-03-17 Benny HalevyNFSD: provide encode routine for OP_OPENATTR
2009-01-07 Marc Eshelnfsd: delete wrong file comment from nfsd/nfs4xdr.c
2008-09-29 Benny Halevynfsd: nfs4xdr decode_stateid helper function
2008-09-29 Benny Halevynfsd: properly xdr-decode NFS4_OPEN_CLAIM_DELEGATE_CUR...
2008-09-29 Benny Halevynfsd: don't declare p in ENCODE_SEQID_OP_HEAD
2008-09-29 Benny Halevynfsd: nfs4xdr encode_stateid helper function
2008-09-29 Benny Halevynfsd: fix nfsd4_encode_open buffer space reservation
2008-09-29 Benny Halevynfsd: properly xdr-encode deleg stateid returned from...
2008-07-18 Harvey Harrisonnfsd: nfs4xdr.c do-while is not a compound statement
2008-07-18 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: Use C99 initializers in fs/nfsd/nfs4xdr.c
2008-07-04 Benny Halevynfsd: tabulate nfs4 xdr encoding functions
2008-07-02 Benny Halevynfsd: nfs4 minorversion decoder vectors
2008-07-02 Benny Halevynfsd: unsupported nfs4 ops should fail with nfserr_opno...
2008-07-02 Benny Halevynfsd: tabulate nfs4 xdr decoding functions
2008-07-02 Benny Halevynfsd: return nfserr_minor_vers_mismatch when compound...
2008-06-23 Benny Halevynfsd: make nfs4xdr WRITEMEM safe against zero count
2008-04-25 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: don't allow setting ctime over v4
2008-04-23 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: clarify readdir/mountpoint-crossing code
2008-02-15 Jan BlunckUse struct path in struct svc_export
2008-02-01 Frank Filznfsd: Allow AIX client to read dir containing mountpoints
2008-02-01 J. Bruce Fieldsnfsd: Fix handling of negative lengths in read_buf()
2007-10-15 Linus TorvaldsMerge git://
2007-10-09 J. Bruce Fieldsknfsd: query filesystem for NFSv4 getattr of FATTR4_MAXNAME
2007-10-09 Peter Staubachknfsd: 64 bit ino support for NFS server
2007-10-09 Chuck LeverNFSD: Convert printk's to dprintk's in NFSD's nfs4xdr
2007-07-26 Al Virolockd and nfsd endianness annotation fixes
2007-07-17 J. Bruce Fieldsknfsd: nfsd4: secinfo handling without secinfo= option
2007-07-17 Andy Adamsonknfsd: nfsd4: implement secinfo
2007-07-17 J. Bruce Fieldsknfsd: nfsd4: simplify exp_pseudoroot arguments
2007-05-08 Randy Dunlapheader cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not...
2007-02-16 J. Bruce Fields[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: fix error return on unsupported acl
2007-02-16 J. Bruce Fields[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: fix memory leak on kmalloc failur...
2007-02-16 J. Bruce Fields[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: represent nfsv4 acl with array...
2007-02-14 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: add some new fsid types
2007-01-26 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: Fix type mismatch with filldir_t used...
2006-12-13 J.Bruce Fields[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: handling more nfsd_cross_mnt...
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] nfsd: NFSv4 errno endianness annotations
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] nfsd: nfs4 code returns error values in net...
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] xdr annotations: NFSv4 server
2006-10-20 Al Viro[PATCH] bug: nfsd/nfs4xdr.c misuse of ERR_PTR()
2006-10-04 J.Bruce Fields[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: actually use all the pieces to...
2006-10-04 J.Bruce Fields[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: xdr encoding for fs_locations
2006-10-04 Greg Banks[PATCH] knfsd: Prepare knfsd for support of rsize/wsize...
2006-10-04 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: Avoid excess stack usage in svc_tcp_recvfrom
2006-10-04 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: Replace two page lists in struct svc_rqs...
2006-10-03 Eric SesterhennBUG_ON() conversion in fs/nfsd/
2006-06-23 David Howells[PATCH] VFS: Permit filesystem to perform statfs with...
2006-04-11 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: fix corruption on readdir encodin...
2006-04-11 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: fix corruption of returned data...
2006-04-11 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: better nfs4acl errors
2006-03-24 Tobias Klauser[PATCH] fs: Use ARRAY_SIZE macro
2006-01-19 Fred Isaman[PATCH] nfsd4: Fix bug in rdattr_error return
2006-01-19 J. Bruce Fields[PATCH] nfsd4: rename lk_stateowner
2005-11-07 Jesper Juhl[PATCH] kfree cleanup: fs
2005-07-08 NeilBrown[PATCH] nfsd4: fix fh_expire_type
2005-07-08 NeilBrown[PATCH] nfsd4: seqid comments
2005-07-08 NeilBrown[PATCH] nfsd4: fix open_reclaim seqid
2005-06-24 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: make needlessly global code static
2005-06-24 NeilBrown[PATCH] knfsd: nfsd4: delegation recovery
2005-06-24 NeilBrown[PATCH] nfsd4: fix fh_expire_type
2005-04-16 Linus TorvaldsLinux-2.6.12-rc2 v2.6.12-rc2