nfs: new subdir Documentation/filesystems/nfs
[safe/jmp/linux-2.6] / block / genhd.c
2009-10-06 Nikanth Karthikesanblock: Seperate read and write statistics of in_flight...
2009-10-04 Jens AxboeRevert "Seperate read and write statistics of in_flight...
2009-09-19 Kay SieversDriver-Core: extend devnode callbacks to provide permis...
2009-09-15 David Brownelldriver model: constify attribute groups
2009-09-14 Nikanth KarthikesanSeperate read and write statistics of in_flight requests
2009-09-11 Hannes ReineckeSend uevents for write_protect changes
2009-06-16 Kay SieversDriver Core: block: add nodename support for block...
2009-05-22 Martin K. Petersenblock: Export I/O topology for block devices and partitions
2009-04-22 Tejun Heoblock: include empty disks in /proc/diskstats
2009-02-26 Márton Némethblock: add documentation for register_blkdev()
2009-02-18 Neil Brownblock: fix booting from partitioned md array
2009-01-06 Kay Sieversblock: struct device - replace bus_id with dev_name...
2008-12-29 Jens Axboeblock: add one-hit cache for disk partition lookup
2008-12-03 Cheng Renquanblock: set disk->node_id before it's being used
2008-11-18 Zhang, Yanminblock: fix boot failure with CONFIG_DEBUG_BLOCK_EXT_DEV...
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move /proc/diskstats boilerplate to block/genhd.c
2008-10-23 Alexey Dobriyanproc: move rest of /proc/partitions code to block/genhd.c
2008-10-17 Randy Dunlapblock: fix current kernel-doc warnings
2008-10-17 Li Zefanblock: fix kernel-doc for blk_alloc_devt()
2008-10-09 Jens Axboeblock: add fault injection mechanism for faking request...
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: fix duplicate headers for /proc/partitions
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: don't test for partition size in bdget_disk...
2008-10-09 Harvey Harrisonblock: kmalloc args reversed, small function definition...
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: allow disk to have extended device number
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: replace @ext_minors with GENHD_FL_EXT_DEVT
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: make partition array dynamic
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: move stats from disk to part0
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: kill GENHD_FL_FAIL and use part0->make_it_fail
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: move policy from disk to part0
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: unify sysfs size node handling
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: move __dev from disk to part0
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: introduce partition 0
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: implement and use {disk|part}_to_dev()
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: implement CONFIG_DEBUG_BLOCK_EXT_DEVT
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: adjust formatting for large minors and add ext_r...
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: implement extended dev numbers
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: fix diskstats access
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: fix disk->part[] dereferencing race
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: don't depend on consecutive minor space
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: make variable and argument names more consistent
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: misc updates
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: use class_dev_iterator instead of class_for_each...
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: don't grab block_class_lock unnecessarily
2008-10-09 Tejun Heoblock: fix partition info printouts
2008-10-09 Randy DunlapAdd some block/ source files to the kernel-api docbook...
2008-09-01 Tejun Heoblock: restore original behavior of /proc/partition...
2008-08-29 FUJITA Tomonoriremove blk_register_filter and blk_unregister_filter...
2008-08-21 Kay Sieversblock: drop references taken by class_find_device()
2008-08-21 Kay Sieversblock: fix partial read() of /proc/{partitions,diskstats}
2008-07-22 Greg Kroah-Hartmanblock: make /proc/partitions and /proc/diskstats use...
2008-07-22 Greg Kroah-Hartmanblock: move header for /proc/partitions to seq_start
2008-07-22 Greg Kroah-Hartmanblock: make proc files seq_start use the class_find_dev...
2008-07-22 Randy Dunlapblock: make /proc/diskstats only build if CONFIG_PROC_F...
2008-07-22 Greg Kroah-Hartmanblock: make blk_lookup_devt use the class iterator...
2008-07-22 Greg Kroah-Hartmanblock: make printk_partition use the class iterator...
2008-07-22 Greg Kroah-Hartmanblock: fix compiler warning in genhd.c
2008-07-22 Dan Williamssysfs: add /sys/dev/{char,block} to lookup sysfs path...
2008-07-03 Adel Gadllahallow userspace to modify scsi command filter on per...
2008-07-03 Kay Sieversblock: export "ro" attribute
2008-06-09 Linus TorvaldsFix invalid access errors in blk_lookup_devt
2008-05-14 Kay Sieversblock: do_mounts - accept root=<non-existant partition>
2008-04-30 Peter Zijlstramm: bdi: export BDI attributes in sysfs
2008-03-12 Roland McGrathgenhd must_check warning fix
2008-03-04 Adrian Bunkblock/genhd.c: cleanups
2008-03-04 Adrian Bunkproper prototype for blk_dev_init()
2008-02-08 Jerome MarchandEnhanced partition statistics: procfs
2008-01-29 Jan Engelhardtblock: constify function pointer tables
2008-01-25 Kay SieversDriver core: convert block from raw kobjects to core...
2008-01-25 Greg Kroah-Hartmankset: convert block_subsys to use kset_create
2008-01-25 Greg Kroah-Hartmankobject: remove struct kobj_type from struct kset
2007-11-27 Jerome Marchandblock: Fix memory leak in alloc_disk_node()
2007-10-12 Kay SieversDriver core: change add_uevent_var to use a struct
2007-07-17 Akinobu Mitaunregister_blkdev(): return void
2007-07-17 Akinobu Mitaunregister_blkdev(): do WARN_ON on failure
2007-07-17 Christoph LameterSlab allocators: Replace explicit zeroing with __GFP_ZERO
2007-05-24 Kristen Carlson... genhd: send async notification on media change
2007-05-24 Kristen Carlson... genhd: expose AN to user space
2007-05-09 Dave GilbertDisplay all possible partitions when the root filesyste...
2007-05-03 Greg Kroah-Hartmanremove "struct subsystem" as it is no longer needed
2007-04-05 Andrew Morton[PATCH] remove protection of LANANA-reserved majors
2007-02-21 Andrew Morton[PATCH] rework reserved major handling
2007-02-12 Andrew Morton[PATCH] register_blkdev(): don't hand out the LOCAL...
2006-12-08 Akinobu Mita[PATCH] fault-injection capability for disk IO
2006-09-29 Randy Dunlap[PATCH] block: handle subsystem_register() init errors
2006-06-30 Jörn EngelRemove obsolete #include <linux/config.h>
2006-06-21 Kay Sievers[PATCH] Driver core: add generic "subsystem" link to...
2006-05-12 Linus TorvaldsRevert "[BLOCK] Fix oops on removal of SD/MMC card"
2006-05-05 Russell King[BLOCK] Fix oops on removal of SD/MMC card
2006-03-31 Joe Korty[PATCH] Simplify proc/devices and fix early termination...
2006-03-27 Ben Woodard[BLOCK] increase size of disk stat counters
2006-03-20 Jes Sorensen[PATCH] kobj_map semaphore to mutex conversion
2006-01-15 Neil Horman[PATCH] convert /proc/devices to use seq_file interface
2006-01-05 Kay Sievers[PATCH] driver core: replace "hotplug" by "uevent"
2005-11-12 Jens Axboe[BLOCK] Document the READ/WRITE splitup of the disk...
2005-11-04 Jens Axboe[BLOCK] Move all core block layer code to new block...