KVM: MMU: invalidate and flush on spte small->large page size change
[safe/jmp/linux-2.6] / arch / x86 / kvm / mmu.c
2010-06-09 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: invalidate and flush on spte small->large...
2010-05-19 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Segregate shadow pages with different cr0.wp
2010-05-19 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Don't read pdptrs with mmu spinlock held...
2010-05-19 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: move unsync/sync tracpoints to proper place
2010-05-19 Gui JianfengKVM: Fix mmu shrinker error
2010-05-19 Eric NorthupKVM: MMU: fix hashing for TDP and non-paging modes
2010-05-17 Wei YongjunKVM: MMU: cleanup for function unaccount_shadowed()
2010-05-17 Gui JianfengKVM: Get rid of dead function gva_to_page()
2010-05-17 Gui JianfengKVM: MMU: Remove unused varialbe in rmap_next()
2010-05-17 Lai JiangshanKVM: use the correct RCU API for PROVE_RCU=y
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: cleanup for hlist walk restart
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: remove unused parameter in mmu_parent_walk()
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: remove unused struct kvm_unsync_walk
2010-05-17 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Replace role.glevels with role.cr4_pae
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: remove unused field
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: cleanup/fix mmu audit code
2010-05-17 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Disassociate direct maps from guest levels
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: check reserved bits only if CR4.PSE=1 or...
2010-05-17 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Reinstate pte prefetch on invlpg
2010-05-17 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Consolidate two guest pte reads in kvm_mmu_pt...
2010-05-17 Minchan KimKVM: remove redundant initialization of page->private
2010-05-17 Xiao GuangrongKVM: cleanup kvm trace
2010-04-20 Xiao GuangrongKVM: MMU: fix kvm_mmu_zap_page() and its calling path
2010-03-30 Tejun Heoinclude cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to...
2010-03-01 Gleb NatapovKVM: x86 emulator: fix memory access during x86 emulation
2010-03-01 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Add tracepoint for guest page aging
2010-03-01 Rik van RielKVM: VMX: emulate accessed bit for EPT
2010-03-01 Joerg RoedelKVM: Introduce kvm_host_page_size
2010-03-01 Wei YongjunKVM: MMU: Remove some useless code from alloc_mmu_pages()
2010-03-01 Avi KivityKVM: Rename vcpu->shadow_efer to efer
2010-03-01 Avi KivityKVM: Move cr0/cr4/efer related helpers to x86.h
2010-03-01 Takuya YoshikawaKVM: rename is_writeble_pte() to is_writable_pte()
2010-03-01 Avi KivityKVM: Replace read accesses of vcpu->arch.cr0 by an...
2010-03-01 Sheng YangKVM: VMX: Enable EPT 1GB page support
2010-03-01 Sheng YangKVM: x86: Moving PT_*_LEVEL to mmu.h
2010-03-01 Marcelo TosattiKVM: switch vcpu context to use SRCU
2010-03-01 Marcelo TosattiKVM: introduce kvm->srcu and convert kvm_set_memory_reg...
2010-03-01 Marcelo TosattiKVM: modify memslots layout in struct kvm
2010-03-01 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Report spte not found in rmap before BUG()
2010-01-25 Sheng YangKVM: x86: Fix host_mapping_level()
2009-12-03 Avi KivityKVM: Allow internal errors reported to userspace to...
2009-12-03 Avi KivityKVM: Don't pass kvm_run arguments
2009-10-16 Frederik DeweerdtKVM: MMU: fix pointer cast
2009-10-04 Izik EidusKVM: add support for change_pte mmu notifiers
2009-10-04 Izik EidusKVM: MMU: add SPTE_HOST_WRITEABLE flag to the shadow...
2009-10-04 Izik EidusKVM: MMU: dont hold pagecount reference for mapped...
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: Optimize kvm_mmu_unprotect_page_virt() for tdp
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: fix bogus alloc_mmu_pages assignment
2009-09-10 Izik EidusKVM: MMU: make __kvm_mmu_free_some_pages handle empty...
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: shadow support for 1gb pages
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: make page walker aware of mapping levels
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: make direct mapping paths aware of mapping...
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: rename is_largepage_backed to mapping_level
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: make rmap code aware of mapping levels
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: fix missing locking in alloc_mmu_pages
2009-09-10 Sheng YangKVM: Discard unnecessary kvm_mmu_flush_tlb() in kvm_mmu...
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: Fix MMU_DEBUG compile breakage
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: Trace shadow page lifecycle
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Trace guest pagetable walker
2009-09-10 Joerg RoedelKVM: Prepare memslot data structures for multiple hugep...
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: add kvm_mmu_get_spte_hierarchy helper
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: make for_each_shadow_entry aware of largepages
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU audit: largepage handling
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU audit: audit_mappings tweaks
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU audit: nontrapping ptes in nonleaf level
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU audit: update audit_write_protection
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU audit: update count_writable_mappings / count_...
2009-09-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: introduce is_last_spte helper
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: Return to userspace on emulation failure
2009-09-10 Gleb NatapovKVM: Use macro to iterate over vcpus.
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: s/shadow_pte/spte/
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Adjust pte accessors to explicitly indicate...
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Fix is_dirty_pte()
2009-09-10 Avi KivityKVM: Cache pdptrs
2009-08-06 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: limit rmap chain length
2009-08-05 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: handle n_free_mmu_pages > n_alloc_mmu_pages...
2009-06-28 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Allow 4K ptes with bit 7 (PAT) set
2009-06-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: x86: check for cr3 validity in mmu_alloc_roots
2009-06-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: protect kvm_mmu_change_mmu_pages with mmu_lock
2009-06-10 Sheng YangKVM: Replace get_mt_mask_shift with get_mt_mask
2009-06-10 Jan KiszkaKVM: MMU: Fix auditing code
2009-06-10 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: remove global page optimization logic
2009-06-10 Sheng YangKVM: MMU: Discard reserved bits checking on PDE bit 7-8
2009-06-10 Dong, EddieKVM: Use rsvd_bits_mask in load_pdptrs()
2009-06-10 Dong, EddieKVM: MMU: Emulate #PF error code of reserved bits violation
2009-06-10 Gleb NatapovKVM: MMU: do not free active mmu pages in free_mmu_pages()
2009-05-25 Avi KivityKVM: Make paravirt tlb flush also reload the PAE PDPTRs
2009-04-22 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: disable global page optimization
2009-03-24 Hannes EderKVM: fix sparse warnings: Should it be static?
2009-03-24 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: remove assertion in kvm_mmu_alloc_page
2009-03-24 Joerg RoedelKVM: MMU: remove redundant check in mmu_set_spte
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Rename "metaphysical" attribute to "direct"
2009-03-24 Marcelo TosattiKVM: MMU: drop zeroing on mmu_memory_cache_alloc
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Optimize page unshadowing
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Drop walk_shadow()
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Use for_each_shadow_entry() in __direct_map()
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Add for_each_shadow_entry(), a simpler altern...
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Initialize a shadow page's global attribute...
2009-03-24 Avi KivityKVM: MMU: Inherit a shadow page's guest level count...
2009-02-15 Sheng YangKVM: MMU: Map device MMIO as UC in EPT